Generation 2050 is a humane education book publisher. We utilise the power of stories to educate and inspire citizens of the future to act with compassion towards people, the planet and other animals.


We are creating a collection of books with free classroom materials to enhance the learning experience focusing on three broad themes; animals, people and planet. 




At Generation 2050 we believe their needs to be a more holistic approach to the problems facing society and the planet. We don't believe that focusing on single issues can lead to sustainable change because everything is interconnected. In addtion we believe that in order for people to become engaged their social and emotional learning needs must be addressed whilst they are still young.  


Education should empower children to become engaged with the world and believe that they can make a difference. If we can address the fundamentals of creating compassionate, educated and empowered citizens then potentially the world could change for the better in a more holistic way.



Our Vision

Our vision is to create a generation of environmentally and socially responsible citizens who act with compassion and take responsibility for the well-being of people, animals and the environment in which they live.

Free Resources

The resources and award schemes on this website are and always will be free to use. 

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