Honey Bee Waggle Dance Game

Further Resources

  •  Ask the class to draw some flowers on A4 sheets of paper

  • Place the flowers around the classroom at different distances

  • Put  the nectar (juice boxes) and pollen (baby food or bits of yellow paper) on top of the flowers 

  • Ask all the kids to stand in a circle in the middle of the room facing inwards (the hive)

  • Ask one child at a time to find a flower, sip the juice, then pick up a piece of pollen and bring it back to the hive and do the waggle dance. They should do a waggle for every step it takes to get back to the hive and move in the direction of the flower. They should then turn right and go back the start and do it again before turning left and going back to the start.

  • Then one of the other bees/kids has to guess which flower it was using the instruction communicated by the first bee.

  • Repeat until they get bored.









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