A charity book can be a fantastic way to fund-raise as well as increase outreach, awareness and impact for your cause.



Books can educate, engage, inspire and empower young minds but there are very few children’s books that address social, environmental or animal welfare issues. Generation 2050 would like this to change so with that in mind we have created a niche publishing house for this purpose. All of our books educate, inspire and empower children as well as encourage positive qualities such as a sense of justice, equality, tolerance, empathy and responsibility.

We can create a story tailored to your cause that educates, inspires and creates a deeper sense of empathy and therefore connection to the issue.



The great thing about creating a charity book is that once the initial cost is off-set you can continue sell the book and make profit indefinitely.

Generation 2050 will also list the title with distributors across the globe on a print on demand basis. You won’t have to get involved in the process at all. Generation 2050 will handle everything and pass on the royalties to you which is great news for your bank balance and outreach (biannual royalty payments subject to a 2.5% admin fee).

The below table gives you a rough guide as to how many books you would need to sell to off-set the initial setup cost and projected profit using an estimated retail price of £6.99 per print book. The print costs are also estimates based on a 30 page colour book 8x8 inches but will be subject to some fluctuation with time and exchange rates. A more accurate quotation can be provided when you inquire. 

Charity Books

Break-Even Point for Initial Setup

This is based on the initial cost of producing the product and ordering x number of copies. If you were to order subsequent batches the break-even point would be lower.

Subsequent Print-runs

As well as the print on demand revenue stream which will run through bookshops across the world automatically you can also bulk order copies of your book to sell yourself.

Publishing Packages

We are so confident you will love our work that you needn’t purchase a publishing package until we have a manuscript that you are happy with. If you would like to use your own story we can offer you a discount and editorial advice.


We use a professional proofreader trained by the Publishing Training Centre to review all manuscripts for our self-publishing service.

Print File Setup

This is nothing you couldn’t learn to do yourself with the right technology and a bit of time and money but we have been through the learning curve and made the mistakes so you don’t have to. To date we have published eight books under our publishing house  ‘Generation 2050’ and have learnt a great deal along the way. 

We will work with you to turn your manuscript into a high quality print picture book up to 32 pages in length and 8 inches by 8 inches in size (alternative dimensions available). After your manuscript has been proofread and edited (if required) we will work with you to storyboard the layout for the book and we will work with the illustrator to ensure the images meet the requirements for a print book (considering factors such as layout, text placement, resolution and margins). We can work with illustrations that are already complete before you purchase our service but there is only so much we can do to correct any problems. After the illustration process is complete we will format the book for print and place the text for you. There are several free fonts we can use but you can also purchase a licence to a font of choice for around £20. The complete file will then be sent to you for review before publishing it. Please be aware that after the file has been approved and published it will cost £50 every time the file needs to be modified and re-published. 

Digital File Setup

Formatting e-books requires specialist skills and knowledge. We will adapt your children’s picture book into a digital format called ePub that can be viewed with ipads and e-readers.


After the print and digital  proofs have been approved  we will assign the print book a unique identification number (ISBN) and publish the story in both print and digital formats using Ingramspark. Ingramspark will list your title with thousands of online retailers globally.  Ingramspark work on a print on demand basis, so your book will always appear in stock then printed and shipped locally when ordered. Ingramspark are constantly expanding their distribution channels and you will find your book listed on obscure websites across the globe as well as the well-known online retailers which you can find listed on the Ingramspark website and a few of which are listed below:

  • Alibris

  • Waterstones

  • Blackwells

  • Amazon

  • Wordery

  • Book depository

  • Booktopia

  • Barnes and Noble


We have teamed up with PR professional who is a member of the chartered institute of marketing and has worked on major campaigns for many national organisations to create a bespoke PR package for you and your book.


Over the years we have worked with many artists to illustrate our books. Choosing the right artist can be a daunting business and communicating your requirements to them even more so. We can work with one of our artists or one you have selected yourself to ensure the best possible result for your book. Please email us for a list of artists we recommend. The price of illustrators can vary wildly but we will work with you to find an artist that is both to your liking stylistically and affordable for your budget.  


Part of the publishing process will involve a discussion regarding pricing in different territories, discounts for retailers and how much compensation you will receive per sale in each scenario. The pricing can be amended over time and in fact we may need to increase the price of your book over time if and when print costs increase . Twice annually you will receive a sales report and we will transfer your accrued royalties into an account of your choice subject to a 2.5% administration charge.

Further Information

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