Books for Books Fundraiser


 At Generation 2050 we believe that books can change the world. Our first fundraising appeal is to help save the endangered Pangolin from extinction. We want to win hearts and change minds to save the Pangolins through the power of story-telling! Pangolins are the most illegally traded wild animal in the world. Their body parts are used  for chinese medicines and as a luxury food items predominantly in China and Vietnam.


We believe that changing the attitudes of people in China and Vietnam towards these animals could help curb the demand for pangolin products, therefore Generation 2050 would like to distribute free childrens books about the endangered Pangolin in Chinese  and Vietnamese Languages but we need your help to raise the funds! 


We would like schools to organise second hand books sales to raise money to save the Pangolins. The idea is that everyone brings in their old books that they no longer read and sell them to other pupils in the school. This both encourages reading, recycles books and will hopefully raise some money too!  


This fundraiser also provides a means by which to empower your pupils and encourage them to believe that their actions can make a difference. It is very important that children grow up believing in themselves and their influence over the world otherwise we can't progress as a society. 








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